Lyric Arts has been the northern metro’s “hometown theater” since its founding in 1995. Since 2001, the Main Street Stage has become known as a place to find professional theater in an environment that is warm, welcoming, and without pretension.

Each year at the Main Street Stage, Lyric Arts…

  • produces an ambitious season of theater (averaging 125 performances) designed to offer something for every age group and interest.

  • presents “Music in the ‘Burbs,” a concert series that showcases a hand-selected group of Minnesota-based musicians.

  • creates an artistic community for hundreds of local theater artists, including directors, choreographers, stage managers, and talented and passionate actors who work for their love of theater and their love of Lyric Arts.

  • provides a home for the performing arts in the Twin Cities’ northern metro and on Anoka’s historic Main Street.

  • builds relationships between people by bringing them together to support, celebrate, appreciate, and participate in the performing arts.

Your investment makes this work possible

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit theater, Lyric Arts is not owned by any one person. Instead, it is owned and supported by the community it serves.

While you often see a theater full of people at our performances, ticket sales and other earned income only accounts for a portion of our annual expenses. Thanks to the contributions of loyal supporters like you, who have helped to cover that gap, Lyric Arts has grown tremendously in its relatively short history, the ways in which our founders could have only dreamed.

Now, we are looking to the future. And, while our current season is truly our most ambitious to date, it is only the beginning of where we want to go. But, we cannot do it without you! Your investment can help us continue to grow and thrive, building on the hard work and contributions of thousands of people during the past 18 years.

Your tax-deductible donation is crucial to our continued success—please give a gift this year, make a monthly sustaining donation, make a pledge over multiple years, or leave a lasting legacy through a planned gift to the organization.

Every dollar matters. Every donor makes a difference.