Do I need to make an appointment to audition?

No appointments are necessary; auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis.

What should I bring to auditions?

Bring your calendar so you can mark all of your conflicts from the day you audition to the last performance. A calendar with all the possible rehearsal dates and all performances will be provided at auditions.

Be honest, a director would like to know up front what all of your conflicts are. We are often able to work around the availability of the actors we cast.

Bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated.  You may also want to bring something quiet to occupy your time, auditions can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Do I need a headshot and a resume?

At the auditions you will be given an audition form to fill out. If you have a resume we will attach it to the form. If you do not have a resume you will need to fill out the space that asks you to list any theatrical experience.

A picture is not required, but highly recommended. If you have a school picture, a clear photo of yourself, or a headshot, please bring it with you. It is a great way for the people who are casting the show to remember what you look like. Photos will not be returned.

What can I expect at an audition?

You can expect different things from auditions for a non-musical and those for a musical production.

At most auditions you will be asked to prepare a monologue. Occasionally, you might be asked to read one of the sides provided, which is a scene or monologue from the play. This is called a “cold reading.”

Most musical auditions consist of singing only. You should prepare 32 bars of a song that best showcase your voice.

Why do I have to provide sheet music for my audition? Can’t I just bring in a CD and sing along to that?

Only you know what song best showcases your voice. Lyric Arts does not house the millions of songs you can choose from to audition with. Lyric Arts does provide an accompanist for your auditions. Music Directors want to hear your voice, not the voice of the backup singers or the singer itself.

What should I wear?

An audition is much like a job interview, except in this interview you might be asked to dance or sing! You should try to look professional, but you should be able to move it what you are wearing.

Will I have to audition in front of anyone else who is auditioning?

Sometimes, yes. If asked to do a cold reading, you may be asked to read with other people for the scene.

Can my parents watch my audition?

No. Parents are welcome to accompany you before and after the audition. There will be a place for them to wait while you are in your audition.

What happens if I cannot make the audition dates?

Unfortunately, if you cannot make the audition date then you will not be able to audition. We are not able to set up individual auditions.

What is a callback?

The “callback” is a second audition where the selection process becomes more specific. At a callback you will be asked to read additional scenes from the show, prepare music from the score, and learn additional dance combinations. The callback is also an opportunity for the director to see and hear different combinations of actors.

What if I am not called back?

Not being called back doesn’t always mean that you aren’t being cast in the show. Sometimes a callback is needed for a director to look at the way specific groups of people fit together.

How will I know if I am cast in the show?

Whether you are or are not cast in the show you will receive a phone call no later than two weeks after the audition. We ask that auditionees not call the theater to inquire whether you have been cast or not.

Are actors paid?

Actors at Lyric Arts are paid a gas stipend.

When and where do rehearsals take place?

All auditions, rehearsals, and performances take place at Lyric Arts (420 E Main Street, Anoka, 55303). During the week rehearsals are in the evening. On Saturdays they can be scheduled anywhere from 10:00am-9:00pm, depending on availability. On Sundays they can be scheduled from Noon-9:00pm, depending on availability.