I am so impressed by the top quality talent and shows that Lyric Arts bring to the stage! I’m excited to serve on the board!
— Jennifer Strangis Lundquist, Chair
We are truly fortunate to have Lyric Arts in our community as a place to gather and share a love for an art form that has the ability to move like none other. My wife and I choose to support Lyric Arts as part of our annual charitable contributions. We can think of no better way to express our appreciation than to do our part to help ensure the sustainability of this artistic home and the theatrical homecomings it makes possible to all.
— Rick Wyman, Vice-Chair
Serving as a board member for Lyric Arts is a chance to give back and help out a great organization within my own community.
— Jerry Horazdovsky, Treasurer

I commit my time and energy to Lyric Arts because I know that theater enriches life. Lyric Arts provides high-quality theater to our community.
— Olivia Bastian
Lyric Arts, and what it brings to Anoka is important in my view. I want to invest my time to keep it vibrant and welcoming. I believe I need to support what I want to stay and succeed in my community. Lyric Arts fits that bill.
— Jackie Bortnam
It is a core value of mine to be actively involved in organizations that are valuable to me, rather than merely participating as a spectator, and it’s a good time for me to take this step into deeper involvement with this beautiful theater company.
— Kira Campbell

I am passionate about theater. I am excited to be a part of a really great organization and hope to assist with growing it via revenue, promotion, and audience. There is good energy from leadership. I like what Lyric Arts is all about.
— Jeff Danovsky
I have long believed that Lyric Arts is a true treasure in the Twin Cities and especially in the North Metro. The high quality productions put on stage here, makes this growing theater accessible and entertaining for all. I love that the educational programs offered, nurture the next generation of theater participants and patrons.
— Laura Erchul
I love Lyric Arts as it is more than a theatre, it’s a gathering place where folks come together to express themselves through the arts. It’s a place that truly embraces the idea of community and what it means to give back. It’s a place that makes people smile and feel connected to a world that is larger than many can even imagine. It’s a place that inspires, and most of all a place that everyone can feel accepted.
— Amy Hornstra

Recognizing Lyric Arts Main Street Stage as an intimate setting for vibrant theater experiences of original, innovative works and timeless classics, and a showcase for Minnesota artists; encouraging talent; nurturing the next generation of patrons; giving voice to those historically underrepresented; amazing the audience; and engaging the community in the arts is both a privilege and a joy.
— Pat Schommer
I wanted to give back to the theater that has given so much to the community it serves. Lyric Arts doesn’t feel like a business, it feels like home. Alan Jackson said it best, ‘You Can Always Come Home’.
— Doc Woods
It is such a pleasure to be a part of Lyric Arts and its coming of age.
— Laura Tahja Johnson, CEO and Board Ex-Officio